Refresh for the Ventura KFC


The Ventura KFC was a particularly rewarding and challenging project for the professionals at Maxson Painting. This project included complete interior and exterior painting and needed to be finalized in just five days. This meant finishing the project in a fast time while maintaining the quality that Maxson Painting requires of ourselves. We read the plans carefully, coordinated with the main contractor closely, and leveraged the necessary workers to get the job done in just over four days. As you can see from the photos the exterior painting required cutting straight lines to properly reflect the company colors and design. During the course of the project a number of extra items were sent our way. We provided detailed estimates within a few hours and folded those new items into the scope of work. All this was done in a timely manner allowing Maxson Painting to maintain our commitment to quality, integrity and customer service while serving the Ventura KFC with the timeline they needed.