Our Lady of the Assumption

This project was a pleasure from beginning to end. The bidding process for this job was very detailed. Once we had won the privilege of doing the work we did an extensive amount of work with the leadership committee to select colors that enhanced the architecture and coordinated well with a 60-year-old tile mural on the front of the building. Draw downs of all colors being considered were provided and large mock ups of a number of color schemes were applied to the building in multiple places. Maxson Paining helped by deciding what surfaces should be painted in which colors. Now that the project was ready to begin, we coordinated with the onsite project manager to be sure we worked efficiently with the other trades involved. We took great care in coordinating with school and church activities to minimize impact or disruption of events, parking and traffic flow. During the course of the project we used two different man lifts, carried out wood replacement, repaired a large gate, extensive stucco repair, rebuilt a lattice screening fence top, removed gratings designed to keep birds out and had them sandblasted and powder coated offsite, modified windows to allow greater airflow and continually looked for ways to enhance the color scheme.

The Maxson Painting team worked hard to ensure everyone's expectations were met and exceeded during the course of the project.