How to Repair Rust to Paint Metal

Ensuring a lasting finish on metal can be difficult, especially if the metal has been damaged by rust. Here are some steps for properly preparing a rusted surface for painting.  

Step 1: Scrape and wire brush all loose and failing paint or lose rust.

Step 2: Using a grinder, sand out the rough areas of rust. 

Step 3: As the rusted metal may look uneven when painted you may use Bondo to patch all the holes and divots left by rust and old paint.

Step 4: Sand the whole surface

Step 5: Spot prime over rusted areas with Rust-Oleum rust blocking primer (spay can)

Step 6: Prime whole surface with two coats of Devflex 4020 primer, This can be purchased at home depot or a PPG paint store.

Step 7: Paint minimum of 2 coats of Devflex 4216 finish, This can be purchased at home depot or a PPG paint store.

We recommend using the Devoe Devlex enamels as they provide superior adhesion, outstanding color and sheen retention.

If this sounds like too much work, feel free to contact us and we will give you a free estimate on any work you may need!

This is also a great option for painting metal doors!