How to Fix a Hole Made by a Doorknob

OH no my doorknob made a hole in the wall!

There are a lot of different kinds of holes with different solutions. Today’s blog deals with a quick easy way to repair a hole created by a door knob punching through the wall. This is usually the result of not having a door stop to… stop this from happening.

If you do not, in fact, have a doorstop than let’s start this project by installing a simple inexpensive door stop. I like the ridged type more than the springy type as they do not move when the door is slammed open.

  1. Patch the Hole I usually use a four inch metal patch for this type of damage. If you have a huge door knob hole these patches come in six and eight inch sizes as well.
  2. Put down some masking paper under the hole you will drip and you will create dust so be ready for that.
  3. Using Fast Set Lite 20 patching compound to apply a thin coat of “mud” (industry name for what you just mixed up) around the hole. This product or a similar product is mixed with water and allows for easy sanding.
  4. While this is still wet affix the patch over the hole. Let this first step dry, about a half hour
  5. skim coat over the entire patch. Don’t try to keep this real small, go out at least three inches around patch. This actual helps prevent a bump in the wall as it fades the edges of the patch into the existing wall.
  6. Let that first full coat dry about a half hour, sand it smooth. 
  7. Repeat the process once more, each coat should be thinner and slightly larger than the original.
  8. Sand that final coat, If the wall is smooth your done.
  9. If it has a texture use orange peel or knock down texture from a spray can to match the existing appearance of the wall. Look at the picture on the cans to decide what matches best.
  10. Once that dries carefully drag your drywall knife across the texture to remove any high points in the texture.

Congratulations you are ready to paint!