Maxson Painting is a commercial and house painter who focuses on a quality product done with integrity.

Serving Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, and all of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.



Maxson Painting uses only the highest quality products after thoroughly preparing every surface for the best possible outcome.


We only hire seasoned professionals with great communication skills who are eager to make your project an amazing experience.



Whether painting a house or a commercial space Maxson Painting holds itself to the highest possible standards. We are fully insured and never cut corners.

Warm Colors for a Catholic Church


Maxson Painting coordinated with the onsite project manager to be sure we worked efficiently with the other trades involved. We took great care in coordinating with school and church activities to minimize impact on disruption of events, parking and traffic flow. During the course of the project we used two different man lifts, carried out wood replacement, repaired a large gate, extensive stucco repair, rebuilt a lattice screening fence top, removed gratings designed to keep birds out and had them sandblasted and powder coated offsite, modified windows to allow greater airflow and continually looked for ways to enhance the color scheme.



Aged wood for a custom Ojai home.


Maxson Painting coordinated with the general contractor, architect, and home owner to ensure a quality product for this custom home. High quality semi transparent stains were used around the exterior of this Ojai house painting project to match the desired aesthetic..



Custom paint for an old warehouse


Maxson painting flexed its creative muscles in this custom makeover for the new Ventura Training and Athletics location. We worked closely with the business owner to match his logo colors and achieve the desired results for his new business location..



Face lift for damaged awnings.


Maxson Painting coordinated with the onsite project manager in order to work efficiently with the tenants of the shopping center and it’s customers. We painted seven awnings each with their own set of challenges. The awnings were in various states of disarray some with failing paint and rust. Maxson Painting ground down the rusted areas and primed them with rust resistant primer. Any powder coated area was primed with Devoe Devflex 4020 primer specifically made to adhere to metal. Each awning was finished with Devoe Devflex 4216 a semi-gloss enamel made for metal finishes, know for it’s durability and excellent color retention. We also painted exterior siding, handrails, and metal vehicle barriers for the complex.



1960's home update


Maxson Painting repaired damaged fascia boards in several sections, added missing fascia in the back, as well as replaced some 1961 decorative fascia on the front of the home. Window glazing was used to repair the damaged garage windows all services were prepped and primed to add lasting coverage. Flashing was added to a couple beams in order to protect the wood from weather damage. Ventura endured a lot of rain at the end of 2016. Maxson Painting helped repair sections of fascia that had been damage due to moisture.